Join us Monday, December 7th for the first Live Painting Event at NYU Abu Dhabi. Together with curator Houda Lazrak, the Art Gallery at NYUAD brings 5 UAE-based street artists: Fathima Mohiuddin (aka Fats), Gary Yong (aka Enforce1), Justin MacMahon (aka JustOne), Steffi Bow, and Sya One.

The event will be an interactive afternoon of art and exchange about the art of spray painting and the artistic process of street artists.

Starting at 12pm, 5 artists equipped with spray cans, markers, acrylic paint, and stencils will be offered a multi-dimensional surface to demonstrate their aerosol painting skills. Meanwhile, students, faculty, staff, and visitors will be welcome to experiment with tools of the trade and leave their mark of creativity on the 3D structure.

At 5pm, one artist will demonstrate their painting technique.

The event will continue until 7pm, when audiences can move on to the spoken word “Hekayah” event at the Arts Center, details here.

The UAE-based artists hail from various international backgrounds and have unique creative styles. Fathima Mohiuddin aka Fats creates work that resonates of universal truths that portray, through playful abstract characters and interactions, narratives of tragedy and dismay coupled with triumph, hope, and momentum. Gary Yong aka Enforce1 is a founder and director of Cut Collective, a New Zealand based art collective well known for its public and street art but also engaged in producing innovative and unconventional commercial art activation. Just One aka Justin MacMahon befriends urban spaces, and transforms “blank” ones into areas of interest for everyone passing through them. His work is greatly inspired by his travels, a significant source of his reflections and engagements. Steffi Bow uses spray paint to create complex stencil pieces, portraits, freehand graffiti bows, letters, and abstract pieces. She has created the largest piece of aerosol art in the UAE alongside with partner, Sya One. Graffiti writer Sya is passionate about letter construction and colour combination, looking at the never-ending styles and realms as to what a letter can do.

Curated by Houda Lazrak, an M.A. in Museum Studies Candidate at NYU, this event promises to be an exciting exploration of street art in the UAE.

About the Curator: Houda Lazrak is visiting Abu Dhabi as a Humanities Research Assistant at the NYUAD Institute. This project is part of her research, towards completing her Master degree in Museum Studies from the Graduate School of Arts and Science at New York University. She obtained her BA from McGill University in 2012 with a double major in Anthropology and Human Geography. Houda is interested in exploring the interactions between art and society, particularly art presented in urban public spaces. For her master’s thesis, she is exploring the complex implications of exhibiting graffiti and street art in institutionalized museum settings. Houda has documented works of street art and graffiti in several countries and is a regular content contributor to several online art platforms.