The NYUAD Gallery Reading Room is a space located adjacent to the gallery. The Reading Room holds reference materials related to the current exhibition. These materials include recommendations by the artist(s) and or curator(s) of our current exhibition, as well as NYUAD students and faculty.

In addition to the materials related to the Gallery’s exhibitions, the Reading Room also includes an area solely dedicated to displaying content related to the performance programs held in the Arts Center at NYU Abu Dhabi.

The Reading Room is an integral part of the NYUAD Gallery’s mission “to explore locally relevant and internationally significant subjects,” by way of engaging the public and the academic community at NYUAD by activating a space for learning and inspiration that relates to our programming.

The reading room is located next to the Art Gallery at NYUAD, and with a separate entrance next to the NYUAD Welcome Center.

If you’d like to book the reading room for an event, please contact us at: