The NYUAD Art Gallery is an intimate museum space in a university setting. Modeled on the academic museums of the US, the curatorial program explores locally relevant and internationally significant subjects. This model of scholarly, experimental, non-commercial art exhibitions complements and enhances the region’s fast-growing cultural ecosystem.

NYU Abu Dhabi is a degree-granting liberal arts college, where intellectual and creative academic endeavors are shaped and examined through an international and intercultural perspective. The Gallery is one of three distinct public-facing venues at the university, presenting art exhibitions alongside the performing arts at the Arts Center and scholarly talks and conferences at the Institute.

The Gallery is a core catalyst for NYUAD as a locus of intellectual and creative activity, linking the university with the Abu Dhabi public and a worldwide community of artists, curators, and scholars. Supporting the progress made by other arts institutions within the UAE, the NYUAD Art Gallery and the projects it supports serve the local arts community as a testing ground for new and innovative curatorial approaches that nourish the dialogue around exhibition practice in the Gulf.