At the edges of our thoughts

When we can’t know what awaits us

I know of critical spaces

denied, self-defined, occupied.

points of potential is an installation work exploring the state of simultaneously knowing and being unable to know in the context of denied spaces. Reinforcing how queer spaces subvert hegemony, the installation captures the processes of unbeing and the unbecoming. Reflecting on current spaces and their elsewheres, a denied space is being looked through textual and sound installation(s). By exploring territories of occupation, points of potential is asking us to reconsider our own occupations and find the potential to open up new spaces.


evgenija filova is a theoretical artist interested in denied spaces and absences. working with language, text, and found materials, evgenija aspires to activate spaces and explore our relationships with them. engaging with the institution of art and definitions of it, evgenija’s practice focuses on art as a process, processes of knowing in art, ideas of labor in art(work)s, approaches to teaching, talking and thinking about art. seeking the alternative, the different, and the constancies of change, evgenija is investigating the concepts of (un)knowing, (un)being, and (un)becoming.