Artist Janet Bellotto has spent over a decade studying islands as both geography and metaphor. The story of Atlantis, and thus the great deluge, has been significant for the artist, especially now, when ‘the world that drowned’ becomes an ever more plausible story. According to Bellotto, water flows through her practice. For this exhibition, she explores “the edge between land and sea.” In the artist’s words:

This project is an overview of my research and studio process, featuring a selection of artworks derived from my island navigations. For this exhibition, I have explored islands that are not typical getaway locations but dynamic and challenging places. The two islands in question–Sable Island in Canada and Sir Bani Yas in the United Arab Emirates–are connected to locations that I consider home.

Salted Edges is a departure point for investigating the current climate crisis to understand the vulnerability of our planet. #islandparadise is not selling dream vacations; it juxtaposes today’s tweeted and tagged travel log with the reality of isolation, survival, and hope. In this exhibition, the islands act as a microcosm of the world, whereas water, as is often the case in Bellotto’s work, is both memory and metaphor, as ungraspable as the future that threatens to submerge us.