Solastalgia is an exhibition of painting, sculpture, and performance that is curated according to the Kübler-Ross model of grief. It aims to explore the psychic or existential stress that is induced by the negative aspects of climate change. The exhibition is named after the concept of solastalgia, a term coined by Dr. Glen Albrecht to describe the distress of environmental change when it directly impacts people’s livelihood and sense of home.

Solastalgia is an attempt to share my personal journey from ignoring to acknowledging what it means to live in a drastically changing climate – for my own life and for the people around me. This exhibition hopes to demonstrate a relatable emotional toolset that can be used to narrow the gap that exists between the unimaginable, and daily emotions or lived experiences.


Maya Adams is a Ugandan-American artist interested in exploring the intersections between climate change, gender and race identity.

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