Na consists of spheres hanging down that people can walk through and touch. The name, Na, comes from the periodic table, it’s the abbreviation for sodium. Just as sodium has 11 electrons, Na has 11 spheres. The layout of the spheres mirrors the electron arrangement of sodium. When seen from above, the spheres are laid out in 3 concentric circles. Each sphere is touch interactive, generating sound and light when activated. The sounds from each sphere are all different, but create harmony between each other. Na brings us into relation with the smallest elements of our world, showing us we’re all parts of a vast universe.

Purring Tiger’s mission is to bring people together in the context of ART, in a subtext of WONDER. They use technology to intertwine the human body with sounds and visuals, and foster interaction. Purring Tiger also conducts lectures and performance workshops exploring the artistic combination of the human body with technology, using interactive installations and body movement. Many of their works are created in collaboration with local/ international dancers, musicians and media artists.
Their pieces have been commissioned and appeared at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, Burning Man Art Festival, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Pause Festival – Federation Square (Melbourne, Australia), Tribeca Performing Arts Center, Telfair Museum, Cameron Arts Museum, and Mesa Arts Centre, to name a few.

Kiori Kawai (Japanese, b. 1978) holds a B.A. in Performing Arts from the Osaka University of Arts. As a dance performer and choreographer she has collaborated with Skymusic Inc., Elaine Summers Dance and Film, Lincoln Center, Azule Dance Theatre, Megaron Athens Concert Hall in Greece, and Serraves Contemporary Museum in Portugal. She’s built up her own improvisatory movement vocabulary based on the techniques of meditation, Kinetic Awareness, Contact Improv, yoga and various dance trainings. This led her to designing interactive installation that include human body movement within kinetic sculptures.

Aaron Sherwood (American, b. 1977) holds a masters in Interactive Telecommunications from New York University and a B.F.A. in Jazz and Contemporary Music from the New School University. He is a new media artist exploring cause and effect through the mediums of sound and light. This takes the form of large scale audio/visual installations, sound sculptures, guerrilla art interventions, and performance. Sherwood’s work has been exhibited at the Future of Storytelling Conference, Scopitone Festival (Nantes, France), Bonnaroo Music Festival, Festival of Curiosity (Dublin, Ireland), and the Currents New Media Festival, among others.