As part of ISEA 2014, Reverberance revolves around the conference’s general theme of “location” by highlighting afterimages, traces, and reverberations expressed in electronic art.

Each of the included works leverages the notion of movement through space and time. The forms and media used in each of the works vary, but they all share the expression of memory tied to a place at a particular moment.

Whether it is in the form of sound, image or a captured body by sophisticated software, each of these works engages with the history of bodies moving through space, documenting them and focusing our attention in ways that can be surprising and enlightening. While there is not an expressly technical component of these works, they are all realized with the assistance of digital tools. The democratization of these tools allows the artists to capture, examine and manipulate raw information to create relevant and meaningful works that illustrate our past, while pointing to a future.

This exhibition is co-curated by Scott Fitzgerald and Carlos Guedes.

Reverberance is the inaugural show in the Project Space on New York University’s Saadiyat campus.