Woven Identities examines how we adapt or conform to our immediate environment, and questions how the transient lifestyle in the UAE affects the sustainability of interdependent relationships. 

Artists Jeff Scofield and Stephanie Neville explore a subjective narrative with the environment in conjunction with society, where the individual is led through an adventure towards self-identity. By weaving together natural materials and found objects, the artists construct visual narratives through a tactile process of collecting and assembling, thereby giving new meaning to materials.

The exhibition explores the interconnectedness that binds us in the context of transience and flux, which define our shared experiences in the UAE, while sustaining one’s personal identity. This construction is likened to the essence of fabric— the warp and weft of individual threads combined to strengthen and unify, while also providing malleability and adaptability. Aware of the temporality of life in the UAE with constant personal, commercial and industrial changes, Woven Identities attempts to express the human condition through visual research and artistic exploration.