An error occurred. Please follow the instructions to remove a jam. Return to sender. Authentication failed. Please refer to a qualified technician. Your message could not be delivered.

How do these occurrences affect us emotionally? Practically?

What systems do we rely on daily? 

How does this reliance shape our relationships with each other? With the system?

Does the mode of communication influence our tone? Does it impact what we share? 

Your Message Could Not Be Delivered offers an opportunity to engage with the hidden world of the systems we rely on daily to communicate with one another. The individual and communal experiences of the participants as they actively participate in the installation are as much a part of the created artwork as the resultant sculptures. The visitor becomes part of the artifact.
Come prepared to get your hands dirty. Bring your own written correspondences– postcards, letters, emails. Be a part of the ever-evolving participatory installation. 

This exhibition includes a collection of original archival documents from the NYUAD library’s Archives and Special Collections Department.