1. You will need a mentor. By nominating you, they commit to working with you throughout the production and installation of your work, to guide and support you. They can be a practicing artist, a current or past professor, a client, a gallerist – anyone whom you would like to work with. It is an important relationship and one that will help you to realize your work.

2. When filling in the online application form your answers don’t have to be long, but they need to be focused and honest. If you foresee challenges in the creation of your work, for example, tell us what they are and how you may need help in overcoming them.

3. Do your research: if you are thinking about what your artwork production might cost, ring potential suppliers and ask them to quote. A budget doesn’t have to be definitive at the beginning, and it will be a work in progress, but it’s helpful to start somewhere.

4. Think big, think small BUT think practical:

a) Is your work DURABLE? It will be exhibited outside at NYU Abu Dhabi and will need to withstand all of the elements: wind, rain, sun.

b) Can you produce your project for $10,000 USD [approx. AED 36,730]?

c) Can you DELIVER your artwork on time? Can you manage the challenges of making art AND juggling your other commitments?

d) Do you have a PLACE to work?

e) Is your work SAFE to exhibit in a public space?

5. Do you want to work as a TEAM or on your own? If you have an idea between you, and think that it would be good to work together, go for it [maximum of three entrants per application].

6. Think OUTSIDE OF THE BOX. Previous winners of the Award may provide inspiration, but the Selection Committee will always be looking for innovation and something ORIGINAL.

7. ENJOY the experience and have fun. This is a tremendous opportunity to create art and work with arts professionals.