Nada AlMulla is a 20 year old Saudi Arabian whose love for art and desire of turning conceptual ideas into tangible realities drove her to study architecture. Currently a third year architecture student at the American University of Sharjah. She finds pleasure in creating art that introduces unseen perspectives for viewing the familiar; by exploring different medias and turning objects into abstract forms. Her work can be viewed in

Salwa Al Khudairi is a Saudi Arabian junior (3rd year student) at the American University of Sharjah studying architecture. She is very interested in turning theoretical ideas into physical ones; being both artistic and practical. Creating something functional and experiential at the same time using strategies that are viable and aren’t exceedingly ornamental. Her work can be viewed in

Artists’ Statement (Salwa & Nada)

Keswa, meaning covering, mimics the abaya that the women of the Arab/Islamic world wear. Its outside is smooth and rhythmic just like that of the abaya while the inside reveals the hidden ribs which hold up the structure and give it its character. Inspired by the work of Christo & Jeanne Claude and their tendency to cover quantitative objects with fabric; viewed from a bigger scale, Abayas were thought to be doing the same for Arab women. Keswa, the steel piece folds in a geometric way that allows the structure to curve and achieve a rhythmic flow that emulates fabric. The installation contains twelve panels attached to one another using ribs, and that fastening system create seams viewed both from the inside and the outside, embodying the stitches in Abayas. The piece is divided into two main sections which overlap and come together to create an opening that allows people to walk through and interact with the art work.