The NYUAD Art Gallery invites young people and their families to experiment with LittleBits. LittleBits are small, open source, modular electronics components that snap together with magnets to form larger circuits. Learn how to use Little Bits to create electronics and artwork that lights up, beeps, spins and turns with LittleBits.

Age: 8+, alone or with their adult family or friends. All materials will be provided

Matthew Karau is an electronics engineer from the United States who specializes in designing interactive systems. He is a research associate and guest instructor at New York University in Abu Dhabi. Matthew has spent much of his career teaching in European universities and working in interdisciplinary research organizations (MIT Media Lab, Media Lab Europe, and Distance Lab). In industry, he has provided engineering and design consulting services for a diverse range of companies.

ABOUT THE EXHIBITION: Invisible Threads: Technology and its Discontents