The NYUAD Art Gallery is pleased to invite you to a screening of Al Mureed, a film by Nujoom Alghanem, followed by a panel discussion with filmmaker Nujoom Alghanem, producer and researcher Khalid Albudoor, and scholar Thani Almuhairy from Tabah Foundation.

Everything began in the first meeting when the beauty of searching for his personal history and the Sufi path brought the writer of this film in contact with Shaikh Abdul Raheem Al-Mureed, the most significant leading Emirati Sufi sheikh who lived in Dubai from 1902 to 2007. It turned out that the desire of showing the life and legacy of this Sufi sheikh through making a documentary film was just a simple beginning of a long journey that has resulted an annual event – Mawlid Nights that celebrates the birth of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

Nujoom Alghanem is an Emirati artist, poet, scriptwriter and multi- award-winning film director. She was born in Dubai in 1962, has published eight poetry collections and produced eleven films including five short fictions and six feature length documentaries. Her films have won local, regional and international prizes. She is the founder of Nahar Productions, a film production company based in Dubai and a professional trainer in filmmaking and creative writing.

This film screening is in connection with But We Cannot See Them: Tracing a UAE Art Community, 1988-2008, on view at the NYUAD Art Gallery from March 2 to May 27.