Join us in the Arts Center Plaza for the opening reception for Putting for Pleasure and Politics a group exhibition featuring nine artist-designed mini golf holes, and curated by David Darts. This playable sculpture garden is comprised of individual artworks that each explore a contemporary social issue through the inherent absurdity of mini golf. From the refugee crisis and our failed attempts to seal off borders and build walls, to wealth disparity, global warming, and racial and gender injustice, these sculptures confront many of the complicated issues impacting our daily lives. For participants, immersing oneself in a round of mini golf provides a coherent, if slightly disturbing, sense of a contemporary world impacted and misshapen by our human desires, follies, and behaviors.

Participating Artists: Hashel Al Lamki, Wendy Bednarz, Jonny Farrow, Jill Magi, Sandra Peters, Craig Protzel, Goffredo Puccetti, Laura Schneider, and John Torreano.

Learn more about Putting for Pleasure and Politics, curated by David Darts, which runs concurrently with David Darts: Discomfort on view in the Project Space November 12th through 24th.