Join Anthony Downey and art collective Slavs and Tatars in a conversation with Maya Allison as they re-trace Mirrors for Princes: Both Sides of the Tongue, the 2015 book (edited by Anthony Downey) and exhibition (curated by Maya Allison) at The NYUAD Art Gallery.

The artwork of Slavs and Tatars centers on a geographic region, Eurasia, while the concepts in the work manifest unexpected connections across the globe, via languages and cultural registers. Anthony Downey has written, edited, and curated extensively with a focus on work from the Middle East, for English-language audiences. The conversation will examine the question of audience, accessibility, and mediation in the collective’s work. How do audiences read the work of Slavs and Tatars in Berlin or Texas or Abu Dhabi? How does that reading hinge on region, culture, and language?

This discussion will be open to all, in a group Zoom event (rather than a webinar format). Upon registration, participants will receive two readings to have a shared foundation for the discussion.

This event is part of the TRACE: Archives and Reunions series, and will mark the publishing of the online archive for the Slavs and Tatars: Mirror for Princes: Both Sides of the Tongue exhibition, including the book publication, as well as the brochure and installation views.