How did it feel when the Internet started? Cyberpunk is a short story by Bruce Bethke published in 1980, the word cyberspace was coined 1982 by William Gibson. 40 years later it is time to talk about how it felt when it all started: Was there the promise of an utopian new age that would come through digital culture and the internet? And now that we are living in that cyberspace with billions of people connected via their mobile phones, what is left of it? What is there beyond our disillusionment, the culture of vanity and harassment, surveillance capitalism, cultural dominance, and precarious labour? For the ‘Oral History of the Internet’ invited artists, authors and critics are invited to tell their story of the Net.

The event series is sponsored by NYUAD Art Gallery and part of the programming around the Gallery‘s current exhibition not in of along or relating to a line which is entirely done for mobile and can be visited at

Convened by
Joerg Blumtritt, NYUAD
Heather Dewey-Hagborg, NYUAD

Organized by the NYUAD Institute in Collaboration with NYUAD Art Gallery