Join us on Thursday, November 10, 2022 at 5:30pm in The Project Space for the opening reception of Allow Me Not to Explain, a solo exhibition for Emirati artist Noura Ali-Ramahi. Born in Lebanon, Noura Ali-Ramahi’s artistic practice is an act of repetitive meditation. She is largely inspired by her daily walks, an act of repetitive movement in and of itself. Through her works, Ali-Ramahi portrays the nature that she encounters on her strolls, be it the sunrise, the sunset, the shape of the sun, the earth, or the sea. She recycles and utilizes found material to create her work: wax paper that came with a cheese order, a piece of cardboard that wrapped an Amazon package, or even a paper-bag from a retail brand.

The exhibition grew out of the artist’s struggle to explain her work. Her art is about the process of repetition, of meditation; not of the end result. The artist invites audiences to experience her work, to meditate them, and to derive their own meaning out of them.

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