Join us on Thursday, October 20, 2022 at 5:30pm in The Project Space for the opening reception of The Flow of Stillness, a solo exhibition for Abu Dhabi-based Syrian artist, Mahmood Al Daoud. The exhibition takes audiences on a journey in nature. Artist Mahmood Al Daoud finds inspiration in nature in all of his works, and ever since moving to the UAE, he has been taken by the UAE’s unique environment. The exhibition includes works of various media where the artist utilizes sand and other materials from nature in his work. Artworks includes a resin with sand from across UAE installation reflecting light, sketches of boats, mixed media works on canvas, a dark room installation showing a short film that immerses audiences in a feeling of being in sandy environments.

The artist writes:

Through this exhibition, sand recovers the distinct stops of its journey: from robust wilderness and manmade meadows to imagined landscapes. Negotiated into pausing in the frame and captured through transcendental transparency, it lends itself to the visitor to be reinterpreted, reimagined, and “re-felt.” Proudly wearing its unique identities in colors, malleable, it absorbs nature’s palette into its sediments, summoning mangrove forests and ancient coasts. Meanwhile, in the background, it is gathering like a fleet into a perfect storm, infiltrating each particle, accentuating its presence, invoking a dialogue with the viewer’s parallel reminiscence. And so, through the frame, it stares back: a reminder, a journey, a dream.