As part of Ramadaniyyat, Moza Almatrooshi will create a series of performances that contribute to the exhibition now on view, In Real Time.

This work is part of her ongoing series that documents the movements of bakers and confectioners during their work (Glaze, 2020, The Alphabetics of the Baker, and The Confectioner, 2021). In these performances, “alphabets” are shaped into bread. Instead of letter forms, these alphabets result from the movements of bakers’ hands, movements that have evolved into a language of their own. A total of 35 alphabets have formed.

For the performance as part of the exhibition at the NYUAD Art Gallery, the artist will reverse her gesture, and offer bread that fills the forms of the baker’s alphabet.

Almatrooshi writes: “With every performance a new narrative will be ‘written’ using the breads, which will later be consumed by the exhibition visitors.”

This performance will be in Arabic with English text.

This performance is part of the In Real Time exhibition, and is organized as part of Ramadaniyyat, a diverse, week-long series of events ranging from live talks to performances and exhibition tours at NYU Abu Dhabi. The program is hosted jointly by NYUAD’s three public-facing institutions: The Arts Center, the Art Gallery, and the Institute.