Join us for a performative poetry reading by Nujoom Alghanem, followed by the collaborative initiation of the artist’s new addition to In Real Time, titled Geography in Transformation (2022-ongoing). For this work, Alghanem draws inspiration from the Greek mythology of the three sisters who spin the fate of humanity, and reimagines the concepts of thread and weaving, shifting the focus from individuals to landscapes, geographies, and countries. In her vision, these entities also face a destiny shaped by human actions, enduring colonization, wars, and even urbanization. Through her installation, complemented by performances, Alghanem invites the audience to actively engage in the creation of their own geographies. Using standard map colors and yarns, participants are encouraged to weave and define the breadth and borders of land, offering a unique exploration of the intricate relationship between humans and their environments.

A light suhoor and refreshments will be offered.

This performance is part of the In Real Time exhibition, and is organized as part of Ramadaniyyat, a diverse, week-long series of events ranging from live talks to performances and exhibition tours at NYU Abu Dhabi. The program is hosted jointly by NYUAD’s three public-facing institutions: The Arts Center, the Art Gallery, and the Institute.