This workshop is led by artist and teacher Chafa Ghaddar, as part of the program for the exhibition In Real Time, in which her fresco painting is featured.

Designed for adults, the workshop begins with an introduction to the fresco mural that Ghaddar created for the exhibition. Participants will look closely at how it’s divided into different sections and fragments, and observe the natural details that fill its surfaces. The artist will tour participants through the use of fresco technique as well as the decisions she made when creating this particular work.

Then, the artist will lead the group through creating their own interpretation of natural elements while learning three different methods related to mural processes: printing with lace, the dotting tool, and painting with pigments. They will apply their gestures on a variety of surfaces that will be provided such as paper, canvas, stone, and wood. The technique and art-making period will last two hours.

Finally, in the last half hour, the participants will gather all the elements they’ve created and work collectively to suggest one large horizontal landscape, followed by a reflection discussion and clean up.

The workshop will be limited to 10 participants.

To learn more about the artist’s biography and the exhibition, click here.