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Located in the The Arts Center, The Project Space is a non-commercial gallery dedicated to the work of the UAE community, centered on NYUAD faculty and student, and including emerging artists and curators of the UAE. The Project Space is supported by the museum-trained staff of the NYU Abu Dhabi Art Gallery. As a kind of exhibition laboratory, this space encourages experimentation and discovery on all fronts.

Each year, NYUAD invites members of the community (both internal NYUAD members and external UAE residents) to propose an exhibition in the Project Space. The exhibition should be conceived as a complete exhibition, and it is recommended that the project have a curator/producer involved. Details of that process can be found in the application.

The Project Space exhibitions are selected by a committee made up of representatives from across the NYUAD community. The Project Space gives priority to exhibitions from within the academic and regional community, including the annual Senior Capstone Festival, faculty-curated exhibitions, experimental projects, and the work of regional emerging artists.

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